It took a lot of endurance to make more than 6 thousand people climb up the Vidigal community to dance samba.

Only Antarctica, knowing Rio like no one else, could make a festival that would unite everyone in the name of samba. More than 14 hours of music on the 4 corners of the community , Campinho, Mirante do Arvrão, Terraço da China e Oficina do Jô, with street concerts and performances by the samba school Acadêmicos do Vidigal and the group Meninas do Sol, do Nós do morro.

The party was for everyone. The community got free entrance and participated in everything, from the handiwork in the decorations, to logistics, sales, cleaning and even the vans and mototaxis that went up the hill. Also 100% of the profit from the sales of the new Antarctica aluminum bottle was reverted back to to social projects in the community.

With all that, we have to agree with the samba musician that say: "Samba really is the voice of the community."