The Biggest Festival poster in the world.

Axe was looking to mark it’s presence before, during and after Lollapalooza. We created a concept that became content for a film that ended up on TV, a digital promotion, and the largest poster ever seen in the festival.

It all started with an activation, in partnership with the Corleone Barbershop, that transformed clients into Frontman. Those who accepted the change would get tickets to the festival. And that’s where it all happened.

The audience was invited to incorporate the role of Frontman, thus becoming the stars of Lollapalooza.
We created the first poster in gigantography in Brazil, where the public could climb up a setalongside the festival ’ s line-up, take a photo and become their own poster.

We created the Frontman View that allowed everyone to have their moment of fame, taking a selfie as if they were on stage. And we created a large social media audience for the real show, which was the brand’s presence at the event.