Skol’s history had always been connected to music. In 1996 it launched Skol Rock, and in 2000 it helped consolidate the electronic scene along with Skol Beats.

Most recently, the question going around was: what’s next? That’s how Skol embarked on a daring, genuine and as yet unseen project: to transform the Brazilian music scene by making music.More than talking about the subject, the brand went on to produce quality soundtracks for all ears.

That is Skol Music, a project anchored in 3 music labels taken over by the country’s top producers: Zegon, focusing on hip hop and bass music; Miranda, who knows everything about indie; and Dudu Marote, novelty hunter in the electronic music world, in charge of finding, producing and launching new bands and artists.

From the outset, the idea was to not only talk about music. It was to create. And so it was. To see, that is, to hear all of this, just turn on your radio.