We brought the fender factory
to Rock in Rio

Sky was one of the sponsor’s of Rock In Rio.

Instead of merely  building a lounge, we settled a partnership with Fender and brought John Cruz, the brand’s master builder, to our activation site.

Apart from checking out the world’s greatest guitar customization masters working in the creation of exclusive instruments, people who stopped by still got the chance to take a guitar home.

Cara Delevingne, Edgard Scandurra, Carlinhos Brown were some of the artists that jammed at our lounge and left with their own customized guitars. And the success was not exclusive to the audience and artists.

Rock In Rio chose Sky’s lounge as the number one best place to enjoy the festival. The award reflects  a well rounded job, with purpose from planning to execution, and that celebrates music through a hallmark of Rock’n’Roll: Fender. Now that is respecting history.

This is how we do it.