If the market requires us to be more specific, we go after it.
If the project calls for a low budget, we adapt.
If you want to reach all of Brazil, we know how to. 
If trends indicate a need, we create.

That's how we see our business. Non-Stop.


B Ferraz is an authorial project
that worked. Why not create
others? That's the spirit of B
Originals, our way of
creating our own projects,
totally linked with the
trends and opportunities
we’ve found and open
for brands to support, 
endorse or sponsor.


Its BFerraz conducting low budget
projects. This is our way of doing
new business, guided by solutions
that are simpler, more agile and
more creative. Efficient for our clients
and seductive for the consumer.


Our ideas connect people and people
are everywhere.We have a team
specialized in unveiling our country. 
In understanding regional manifestationsand
local demands, translating them to
opportunities and business solutions
in all Brazilian regions.


This is our department dedicated
to specialized subjects. If knowledge
ever narrower, we expand our
vision and go after the information
we don't know. Want to know more
about the agribusiness?
About the
luxury market? Regarding thethird age?
Leave it to BWiki. It's our curios way
of connecting to places that are
not common to us.


Technology is non-stop, as are we.
BTech is the BFerraz department
that's always tuned to what's new
in the market and ready to apply
it to our content projects.
Because, for us, technology
without experience just doesn’t work.