The B and the Ferraz. The guy who
[doesn’t] sit on the chair. That doesn’t
hold still. That reinvents the job, the
business, the story. Everyday. The
professional most remembered and
most mentioned by clients, according to
Pesquisa Consultores 2014. “The only
agency president who is present in all
their projects”, we heard the other day.
And it’s true, body and soul.


Creative and Planning VP

Writer. Screenwriter. Planner. But,
above all, curious. Tati came to BFerraz
in 2005 and started to get involved. In
the projects. With the clients. Since
then, , there was Skol Beats, Planeta
Terra, Disney 100 Years of Magic, GAS
Festival, Lacta 100 Years, Skol Music,
Petrobras Seu Sonho se Encontra Aqui
and so, but so many others that
wouldn’t fit into this website.


Creative Director

One of the house’s jewels, Dudu is part
of BFerraz’s history (and its stories).
One of the most talented and the nicest
creative director that you’ll find around.
You should get a beer with him to check
out what we are saying.



Coy is an outlier. A showman. A music
class. A connoisseur of nightlife and
whatever is happening out there. He is
the general coordinator of BOriginals,
the BFerraz departments that creates
authorial projects and brings them to
the market.


Client Services Director

Don’t be misled. This shorty is a giant,
capable of carrying out all kinds of
projects with the experience of one of
the greatest professionals in the market.
Rest assured that it’ll be her pleasure to
take care of your brand. With iron


Accounts Director

Sympathy itself in the form of client
services. Dani knows how to deal with
the biggest troubles and always with a
smile on her face. And how to come up
with amazing ideas and projects with
that contagious good mood.


Client Services Director

Someone that knows exactly what's it
like to be in the client's seat. Mary is a
former regular costumer. She’s the right
person to talk to about your doubts,
fears and strategies.


Operations Director

Everything that happens here has to go
through her. She is our quality
certificate. Our execution guarantee.
Our Wonder Woman. No wonder she
has a star’s name.


Pre-Production and
Procurement Director

Antonio and Teresa’s mother
is the engine inside BFerraz.
She makes things happen.
She’s the one who makes the
projects feasible as soon as
they are created. She’s the one
who will find a supplier at the end
of the world so that the idea
can go on. And she’s the one that
makes everything fit in the client’s


Account Director

Gui really seems like a nice guy,
but don’t be fool — he’s the kind
of person that won’t leave a rock
unturned. Originally from Bebedouro,
this motorcyclist and party animal is the
right guy to manage your project and
make things happen.